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Client: C8 Marketing

Profile - C8 is a marketing communications organisation that supports businesses in all market sectors. From the latest digital innovation to superb design and out of this world events, they're experts in integrated marketing - identifying the most effective online and offline communications to give the desired results.

Client challenge – C8 required a reliable company to provide services ranging from hosting to support. Had tried many providers who would confuse with us with technical jargon trying to sell us the latest and greatest solution. I simply wanted a small business network which was reliable, robust and scalable with Bruce Networks we found the ideal IT partner.

Bruce Networks solution -

When we went to C8 they had major issues with IT infrastructure. They had no network their broadband connection was insecure, they wereusing usb sticks to share files. The IT infrastructure was very basic. We arranged to install new cables/sockets, as well as ensuring that  appropriate cabling had been undertaken and was carried out properly.

The company lost no downtime as a result of the organizing of the infrastructure. We then set-up a centralized server running MS SBS which was utilized to share documents, communicate internally and externally and manage the company's database and converge the voice and data networks. We arranged for security products to control the vunerable areas on the network from external intruders. This gave them a more efficient, reliable and secure network with the peace of mind that Bruce Networks were providing  support on an ongoing basis.


  • Reliable and robust network

  • Peace of mind

  • A clear plan for future scalability

  • A secure network

Client comment

Having Bruce Networks as our IT partner has helped us focus on core business and not worry about the IT infrastructure and future scalability. This is all taken care of by Bruce Networks

Services used:

Small Business Server



Support & Maintenance

Hardware Supply


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