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General description:
rebuildingsociety.com is a peer-to-business lending platform. It connects creditworthy UK businesses with individuals looking for a better return on their money. Businesses apply to be listed on rebuildingsociety.com’s marketplace and individuals bid to lend money to the business at interest rates they feel meets the risk in the business through an auction process.
If successful, the business repays a fixed rate loan on a monthly basis, giving lenders a reliable monthly income and a business the capital it requires to grow.

For borrowers:
rebuildingsociety.com creates commercial loans for creditworthy UK businesses without using banks. To be eligible for listing, businesses must meet the following criteria:
Secured or unsecured loans available with fixed rates from 6.4% APR
Loan sizes £2,000-£250,000
Terms of 6-60 months
Limited companies, LLPs, PLCs, and social enterprises are acceptable
Businesses must have been trading for at least 2 years and have 2 sets of annual accounts filed (we require sight of financial accounts and management accounts covering the period ending no earlier than 60 days prior to the date of application submission)
Good credit history required (no CCJs over £250 outstanding)
The business must be profitable and VAT registered
Directors/Partners must be UK residents
Average quarterly turnover greater than £50k for the last 4 quarters

For lenders:
rebuildingsociety.com offers individuals the opportunity to earn a better return on their money than is available through savings accounts by lending money to creditworthy UK businesses. Lenders bid amounts of money (minimum £10, maximum £2,000) at an interest rate they believe matches the risk in the business.
Lenders can sell their loans at any time using rebuildingsociety.com’s secondary market and can purchase loans from other lenders to quickly build a diversified portfolio.